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Self-confidence for children = happy children

Self-confidence for children is an issue for many parents! Nothing strengthens children more than the knowledge: “I am ok, just the way I am.” One of the most important qualities is self-confidence, and this can be learned together with your child. With the right dose of self-confidence, your child will go through life much easier, more relaxed and more successfully. I firmly believe that teaching children to get to know their emotional world is a lifelong gift that also strengthens their self-confidence. It is for this reason that I created the Earf’world. The funny Earfs can help your child to deal with their emotions consciously using very simple, playful learning strategies and at the same time supports strengthen their self-confidence.

How to support self-confidence for children?



Self-confidence for children is not innate, hence every child can become internally strong. You can help to strengthen your child’s self-confidence and inner strength at any time. One possibility is to boost self-confidence for children with books and games:  In the Earf’book ‚From Fear to Earf‘ you learn about the Earf‘story and will be swept into a magical world of feelings: The Earf‘world. In the sequel books you will experience a variety of family- and school-related topics which you will solve together with the Earfs. Confident & strong children are also happy children who will be able to master any problem independently. To help us along 2 Earfs have jumped out of the ‘Earf-Feelings-Flashcards’ to share their message with us:

Therapeutical approach: self-confidence for children


Self-confidence for children with the Earfs! Discover your emotional world and that of your children! The Earfs are to support parents, educators and caregivers in nurturing mindful, socially and emotionally well-adjusted children. The Earfs are my creative answer to the questions:

♥ How can I help my fearful child?
♥ How can I decipher what my child feels and help accordingly?
♥ How can I teach my child about his/her own emotions?
♥ How can I teach my child to be confident and fearless?

Many parents may feel overwhelmed by the emotional demand of their children. The Earfs are a family of fun, colourful, and time-traveling characters that help both parents and children navigate and understand the emotional world so that parents can support their children to be self-confident, content, and happy. Above all, the Earfs bring a good mood. Laughter relaxes and makes life seem much easier. Hence self-confidence for children and you is automatically strengthened!

Tools for parents, teacher and therapists!


As a mother, you can playfully approach the topic by using children’s books and card games. Spending time together, playing and laughing promotes the relationship with your child. The child feels seen and respected. This is the best foundation for the child to open up and start talking about their fears and problems. Nobody likes to talk about their feelings and especially not revealing their vulnerability. That was exactly why I, a mother of two boys, created the Earf’World. I asked myself: ’How can I strengthen my children’s self-confidence? I need some creative tools!’ Everything is easier when approached in a playful manner. Hence I am excited to introduce you to two great card games my boys and me created:

Self-confidence for children: Cardgames


The Earf’cards (30 Feeling-Flashcards) can help you to recognize your feelings, accept them and find useful solutions. Draw an Earf a day and there is already a topic to discuss! Each Earf has an individual message for you, and the enclosed guidebook offers lots of simple suggestions how to deal with different situations and feelings.

Self-confidence for children: Get Earfed cardgame

Do you prefer to play? Then the Get Earfed playing cards (cardgame for the whole family) are just the thing. But be careful! This is a card game for brave kids where every feeling is allowed. In a playful way, with simple rules and with lots of laughter, all players, big and small, are encouraged to talk about their feelings. Just give it a try!

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As an Early Childhood Educator, I use the Earfs as a fun and easy way to encourage children to identify and express their emotions. The Earfs offer visual and playful messages to children of all ages. The Earfs represent each emotion as unique and reminds each child that they are special too!

Shelly Bourgeaois, RECE, Ottawa, Canada

These cards are great fun for the whole family! I also use them as a reward with patients. Especially patients who have issues with fears and social anxiety.

Kiri von Klier, Ärtzin der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Munich, Germany

“The EARF’s! What can we say?! Other than they tickle us and happy-our-hearts! Each character has a meaning and purpose; they explore the intricacies of human emotions. The artwork, the EARF Song and each of their personalities are SO delightful! The EARF Card Game provides insight made effortless through adorable rhymes — and it’s easy to play, making it a huge plus! The EARF’s are more than your everyday entertainment … they are known to improve communication and emotional intelligence. We highly approve and recommend them to anyone looking for a refreshing way of communicating with today’s youth!”

Chief Robert TallTree and Terri Lynn TallTree Best-Selling Authors, Peace Advocates and world renowned Recording Artists Co-Founders of
Earf Power

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